Tagyo artificial soil

We’ve overcome all the limitations of the soil.
Do not suffer from problems of spills, water-releasing, nutritional/drain imbalance, or excessive humidity.


a special feature

All-directional three-dimensional irrigation (low/up + horizontal/downward)

Tagyo – Artificial soil

Roll root into container, root down, germ culture, biogenesis

the use of a Tagyo

Sequence: enough impregnation with water -> work (seeding, moving seedlings, cuttings, etc.) -> Maintaining the optimum water level for each crop stage of growing crops

Cut: Wave knife, rose knife, etc.

Price table

제품명 규격 용도 단가
 Mat 75T  1120*1120 Large-scale powdered fruit, indoor fruit and vegetable 50,000/ea
 Block 75T  98*98   600/ea
 Farm 70T  1120*280 A garden (40-square-meter pajon-home top) 25,000/ea
 Cotton 35T  1120*1120  fill in, orchid 55,000/ea
Block 35T  40*40 raise seedlings 20,000/49ea
 Block 12T  12*12*12 raise seedlings, Split(succulent, orchid), Cuttage 10,000/240 g
 Fabric 4T  980*20M  Ginseng, water belt 125,000/Roll
 Rope 7  490*7*7  Flowerpot, orchid 3,600/140 ea
 Rope 4  525*4*7  Orchid 11,000/260 ea
 Block 4T  4*4*4 raise seedlings, Split(succulent, orchid), Cuttage 10,000/280g