Since 2002, we have developed and sold an over-the-top board that is human and natural.

All of our employees are committed to creating new uses and creating optimal conditions for Oberst to “clothe the building.”

Thank you for all your support and look forward to your continued attention.

Current status of facilities retained

Leading technology companies! Confident of the best equipment. I’ll always be with the customer.

Cutting machine

Double Saw, Table Saw

Emboss machine

Embossing facilities capable of producing 14 different patterns


Hypernix UV Inkjet Printer

flooring machine for hot water heating

linear cutting machine, circular cutting  machine


dye-sublimation transfer printer


Epson SureColor system


We will build a strong company based on our skills and knowledge.

2002  Establish a company, complete and cut manufacturing method of Oberst-hb, and introduce welding facility

2005 Introducing UV-Printer for Imageboard and Performing Industrial-Academic Cooperation Government Challenges (Kyungbok University Architecture
2007 Gyeonggi Province’s representative products are submitted for overseas exhibitions (Tokyo), manufacture of automatic folding machines, and patent applications for automatic folding machines.
2008 Contribution to Kyunghyang Housing Fair, completion of the project for the stream project, patent application for manufacturing high-performance sound absorption module products,
Manufacture of floor material processor for radiant heat and heating, patent application of floor material processor for hot water heating
2009 New Development and Production Test Sales of Boiler for Radiant Heating, Air Heat Pump Boiler Adoption Review and Test Installation
the establishment of a new branch of Oceania.
2010 an exhibit at the MBC building fair
Patent application for manufacturing floor materials for radiant heating,
Mass-production sales of radiant heating floor,
Development and mass production of four new embossing patterns (Oberst-EB) such as bracken shapes
2011 Supply volume of air heat pump boiler and recruitment of local dealers
2012 Development of Press Type Embossing and Automatic Edge Air (for Softboard)
2013 Designing and Patenting of Colorboard Manufacturing Facilities
2014 Design and Patent Application of Environment-Friendly Raminating System
Development of Environmentally Friendly Waterproofing System
Development of manufacturing method for ultra-light hard board and patent application
Development of Semi-Flammable Work(Silated Fiber)
2015 Overst Trademark Application
Development of Fiber Plate for Finishing Interior Buildings Using Flashing Method
BtoB (tradykey.com) selected as an electronic frontier company in Gyeonggi Province,
BtoC (e-bay.com) Electronic Trade Start, Gyeonggi-do HIT-500 Product Selection


Based on the growing skills and knowledge, we will build a strong company.

Gas hazard status check

pfZip-hb non-toxicity certificate

pfZip-hb eco-friendly certificate

Absorption rate report

an anti-inflammatory book

Heat conductivity report

Business license

ISO 인증서


클린사업장 인증서

trademark registration

a patent certificate